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Duo Set Black

Duo Set Black

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✨ Clean

💜 Vegan

🌳 Natural

"My skin feels so soft now. This glove is a game changer in my routine" - Emma (one of our happy customer)

⚠️ As you already receive 2 black gloves, this set is NOT included in the buy 1 get 1 free offer ⚠️

How to Use the Glove


Vous trouvez le guide d'utilisation ci dessous ou alors vous pouvez aussi télécharger notre guide d'utilisation sous format PDF en cliquant ici. N'hésitez pas à l'imprimer si vous avez perdu celui fourni dans notre packaging! 



  • Évitez d'utiliser des savons, des gels douche ou des produits similaires, car le gant repose sur la friction directe avec la peau.
  • Utilisez le gant avec précaution sur les zones sensibles.
  • Si vous observez des rougeurs, c'est normal car vous augmentez la circulation sanguine dans la zone que vous exfoliez.



Prenez un bain ou une douche chaude pendant au moins 10 minutes pour adoucir la peau.


Sortez de l'eau. Évitez de vous sécher et veillez à ce que votre peau reste humide.


Mouillez votre gant et essorez-le.


Commencez à frotter le gant de haut en bas sur votre corps.


Vous devriez maintenant voir des cellules de peau morte se détacher.


Une fois l'exfoliation terminée, rincez votre corps à l'eau pour éliminer les particules de peau.


Séchez-vous et appliquez votre huile corporelle ou votre crème hydratante préférée.


Lavez votre gant à la main avec un savon naturel et laissez-le sécher à l'air libre.


Répétez votre routine d'exfoliation 1 à 2 fois par semaine.



  • Évitez d'utiliser votre gant sur des plaies ouvertes, des coups de soleil ou une peau enflammée.
  • Nous recommandons de remplacer le gant toutes les 6 à 8 semaines.
  • Les résultats visibles de l'exfoliation ne sont pas garantis. Soyez assuré que votre peau sera exfoliée, même si l'exfoliation n'est pas visible !


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      Skin Benefits

      Promote healthy blood flow and nourish cells for glowing skin!

      GLOW UP
      Promote healthy blood flow and nourish cells for glowing skin!

      Clear congestion, eliminate acne, ingrown hairs, and much more!

      May reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring!
      FIRM & TONE
      Stimulate collagen production to firm and tone skin!
      Easily scrub off fake tan in one use!
      Exfoliating with a glove will remove dead skin cells and unclogged pores, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and silky, with a healthy glow. Say goodbye to rough, dull, and flaky skin, and hello to a radiant, smooth complexion.



      If you have skin issues such as strawberry legs, body acne, stretch marks, and more, Mongant can help. It's a natural solution that deeply exfoliates the skin to remove these impurities.   

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      When do I need the replace the glove ?

      We recommend replacing the glove every 6-8 weeks after its first use. If you don't replace it, bacterias and mould may form, which can then cause irritations and allergens to your skin. Learn more about the importance of replacing the glove on our blog here


      What is your glove made of ?

      Our glove is made a viscose, a semi-natural material with low impact on the environment. 


      Is your glove vegan ?

      Yes, it is! Our glove is 100% vegan.


      How do I track my order ?

      You can easily track your order here

      Just add your order number as well as your email address or your phone number and you'll have a detailed view of your order status.


      Where are you located ?

      We are located in Lausanne, Switzerland.


      What are the shipping times ?

      Currently, we are processing the orders within 1-2 days, then the orders are delivered within 7-10 days. A faster shipping method (1-3 days) will be added soon. Stay tuned!


      What are the shipping rates ?

      Our standard shipping (7-10 days) is 100% free all around the world! 

      We are, however, going to add a faster shipping method (1-3 days) in few weeks, that will cost 2.99£. Stay tuned! 


      My product has been delivered damaged, what can I do ?

      If your product has been delivered damaged, you can easily send us a picture of the damaged items at our email address, then we'll send you another product for free!

      Email address: contact@mongant.com

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      Additional Details

      • Glove will shrink with first use.

      • One size (fits most).

      • Made using 100% biodegradable viscose sustainably derived from the reed plant.

      • Ensure to apply moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliating.

      • Consult a medical practitioner if you are unsure if this product is the right fit for you.

      • For external use only.