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100% Pure Silk Pillow Case

100% Pure Silk Pillow Case

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✌️ Removes dead skin in seconds

🌈 Prevents ingrown hairs

☀️ Removes fake tan

🍓 Combats strawberry skin and  keratosis pilaris

"My skin feels so soft now. This glove is a game changer in my routine" - Emma (one of our happy customer)



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- USA: 4-7 business days
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Return & Refund Policy

We love our Glove and we're confident you will too! In case things don't go as planned, our return and refund policy is designed to make things as easy as possible for you. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

How to Use the Glove



Sleep Better, Wake Up Gorgeous with Our Hypoallergenic, Skin-Loving Silk!


The Secret of Beauty Sleep
Experience an acne-free morning thanks to the hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial power of silk.

No More Frizzy Mornings!
With less friction against your hair, start your day with smoother tresses and ditch the bedhead.

Rest on Wellness
Wake up refreshed every morning with our silk pillowcase, a cozy nest designed to boost your energy.

Unleash Your Flawless Skin with Silk!

Banish acne for good with our 100% pure silk pillowcase! Blessed with natural antibacterial properties, this hypoallergenic silk wonder reduces face friction and moisturizes your skin. Turn your dreams into reality with blemish-free mornings.

Experience Frizz-Free Mornings with Pure Silk!

Drastically reduce morning frizz with our 100% pure silk pillowcase! The silky smooth texture creates less hair friction, tames bedhead, and ensures you wake up to noticeably smoother hair each day. Luxury meets beauty with an anti-frizz solution right beneath your head.

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When do I need the replace the glove ?

We recommend replacing the glove every 6-8 weeks after its first use. If you don't replace it, bacterias and mould may form, which can then cause irritations and allergens to your skin. Learn more about the importance of replacing the glove on our blog here


What is your glove made of ?

Our glove is made a viscose, a semi-natural material with low impact on the environment. 


Is your glove vegan ?

Yes, it is! Our glove is 100% vegan.


How do I track my order ?

You can easily track your order here

Just add your order number as well as your email address or your phone number and you'll have a detailed view of your order status.


Where are you located ?

We are located in Lausanne, Switzerland.


What are the shipping times ?

Currently, we are processing the orders within 1-2 days, then the orders are delivered within 7-10 days. A faster shipping method (1-3 days) will be added soon. Stay tuned!


What are the shipping rates ?

Our standard shipping (7-10 days) is 100% free all around the world! 

We are, however, going to add a faster shipping method (1-3 days) in few weeks, that will cost 2.99£. Stay tuned! 


My product has been delivered damaged, what can I do ?

If your product has been delivered damaged, you can easily send us a picture of the damaged items at our email address, then we'll send you another product for free!

Email address:

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Additional Details

• Glove will shrink with first use.

• One size (fits most).

• Made using 100% biodegradable viscose sustainably derived from the reed plant.

• Ensure to apply moisturizer and sunscreen after exfoliating.

• Consult a medical practitioner if you are unsure if this product is the right fit for you.

• For external use only.